ACV4 and ACV2 High Power Electric Offroad Vehicles

2003 GMC S10

- 3Phase AC Motor
- AC Controller
- DC-DC Converter
- 94  90aH LiFePO4 cells
- Direct Drive Drive shaft
- Battery Management System


Electric Mining Vehicles


eMotive Propulsion Technologies was created to fulfill a need for a practical, yet environmentally friendly alternative to fossil-fuel powered vehicles. Aimed primarily at industrial/mining applications, we also have the capability to create custom systems.

 Some benefits of an electric vehicle are:
    Zero Emissions - safe to use indoors, underground or in confined areas
    LiFePO4 batteries utilize the safest battery chemistry
    Zero Gasoline or Diesel consumption
    Almost zero noise

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  AC & DC Motors and Controllers

  Lithium Ion BMS

  LiFePO4 battery cells

  AC-55 3Phase Motor and controller